Moonstone Riding Academy offers lessons for various ages, from children to adults. Whether it's your first time on a horse or you're a returning rider, our lesson programs are catered to your needs and ability.

Our lesson program is an all-season program. This means that if the weather is less than favorable, we still conduct our lessons by teaching our students ground horsemanship, equine care, and the theory of riding. We believe that being an equestrian does not involve just riding; but also the proper care of our equine partner.

Lessons are conducted and instructed to the student's ability. Instructors will evaluate the student and decide how the lesson program should progress from then on. Every rider progresses and learns differently; our goal is to help you reach yours by catering a program to your needs.

We also offer Horse Broker Services. When you are ready to purchase your own horse it is very important to have a profession help in the process.  We have successfully helped many riders find their match for the type of mount they specifically need for them to enjoy for the years to come. 

Prices can be found below.

Programs and Packages

Full-Lesson Program

Our full-lesson program is built for students who are ready to learn to be an equestrian.

Program includes:

  • Set schedule with a consistent instructor
  • Priority rescheduling when available.
  • In-house horsemanship/riding theory education
  • Participate in shows and clinics (at trainer's discretion)

Average Riding Time: 30 to 40 minutes
( student's will be on site for longer time period for arrival pre-ride preparation & post ride after care of horse. Monthly packages offered)

Mini Lessons 
limited students at this time during COVID

Our mini lessons are perfect for younger students who are just as horse-crazy as the rest of us! 

Lessons include:

  • Instruction with Mommy/Daddy or other adult family member present/on-site
  • 30 minutes of instruction (15-20 minutes riding)
  • Hands-on horsemanship & basic in hand lead the ride
  • Basic and easy horse care

Age Limit: 3 to 6

Weekly scheduling can be made with advanced notice.

Hands-On Horsemanship

Learn the basics of equine care, science, and barn maintenance with our Hands-On Horsemanship program! These lessons are not riding lessons and are perfect for anyone interested in just learning how to care for these wonderful creatures!

Program includes:

  • 3 seperate one-hour long sessions
  • Proper ground handling of the horse
  • Care and maintenance of equines
  • The science and theory behind horse husbandry
  • Stable and barn care/management

Age Limit: 7 and Up

Program Prices

Single Horsemanship & Riding Lesson
  Monthly packages available  
  please call in 
Mini Riding Lesson-limited availibility
Hands-On Horsemanship Lessons (3 pack)

Monthly package discounts are available for our full-lesson programs only. Prices vary depending on number of lessons per week, per month. Please contact us for more details.

Longer riding time is available for riders who are fully capable of preparing their horse on their own, with no assistance from the instructor. This program must be cleared by the instructor prior to making this arrangement.


For Your First Lesson

First time riding with us? No worries! We ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes early to sign necessary paperwork and meet with your instructor. This gives time for instructors to review barn rules & to update regarding any changes in COVID protocols in the equestrian world,  meet the horse, go over safety.  A new riders first lesson will be an hands-on horsemanship education to instruct an rider how to get themselves and the horse prepared for the mounted lessons (haltering, leading, grooming, tacking up and down) Not all riders will be mounted up to ride during the first lesson session.  Then at the next lesson the mounted instruction takes place as the student continues to learn the skills of pre-ride tack up and post-ride tack down procedures. Be prepared students will be on site longer then the lesson ride time for all the proper pre-ride & post-ride protocols and proper care the horse they are assigned to.   

We ask that you (or your child) dress appropriately for this sport. Long pants/leggings and close-toed shoes with a heel (no high heels, please) are the prefect thing to wear. Once you have come for first lesson you will be instructed where to purchase your proper riding apparel and gear.  Dress accordingly with the weather and bring water.

 Due to new Covid Guidelines all riders who plan to continue in program MUST supply their own proper riding apparel and some other equipment. Moonstone will review with you the needed items. 

Lessons are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis, and must be made in advance; we cannot accommodate same-day scheduling. Same day cancellations of lessons will be forfeited.